RoN Rec Renamer v 1.2

RoN Rec Renamer v1.2
If you are looking for an easy way to figure out what's in those "Playback - 2004.05.29 12'44'39 (Sat).rcx" files you can now do it using the *NEW* version of my rec renamer tool.

To use the renamer, you'll need to have the java runtime environment installed on your comp. if you don't have it, you can get it for free at:

Once you have the JRE installed you can place the mrr.exe in any directory you'd like. if you put it in the directory where you keep your TaP rec files you will see the list right after the app starts, otherwise you'll need to click on the Path button to specify the location of your recs.

Click on any of the files in the list to display the game settings and players for the rec. a suggested name for the rec will be displayed in the text box near the bottom.

You can accept that name, or change it to whatever you want. click the Rename button to give it your new name. if it's a rec you don't want, click the Delete button to get rid of it. you can change to a different directory by clicking on the Path button. If you want to search for recs that have a specific player, click on the Search button and enter all or part of the name to search for. the search is not case
sensitive, so you don't need to type AU_DreAdKnIGhT... dread will work just fine.

Well, that's about all you prolly need to know. let me know if you have any questions or problems. if you have suggestions for improvement or new features, please post them on the AU website at


changes for version 1.2:
- added multiple file rename capability
- saves last used path to recs
- changed to standard java cross-platform look and feel (metal)
- more error checks and messages on rec rename and delete

changes for version 1.1:
- add "vs" to suggested rec name where teams could be determined
- add confirm dialog for rec delete
- add search for player menu and button
- replace illegal filename characters /:*?"| with a space in the suggested rec name (AU_|Nuuk| was causing some problems, hehe)
- misc format changes: bold file count, move path button to left side, replace default java icon with something more purty

RoN Rec Renamer
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