BHG Patches available on MoR

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BHG Patches available on MoR

Patches available on MoR site.

We have just added all of the patches that have been released for RoL to the Mastersleague server.

This was long overdue and after Gigi has mentioned that lots of people are having troubles connecting to the official patch server it was just about the right time. Also rather handy when reinstalling your system and RoL and do not wish to download everything over and over again.

The patches come in 2 packages:
One containing all the small patches up to version 1.5 zipped to one file:

A second one with patch 2 which is a massive beast eith 73 Mb:

Short instructions are included in the provided links.

Please note though that the later patches do not contain the previous ones ! In order to e.g. install patch 2.0 you will have to have patches up to 1.5 installed on your machine.

Happy downloading ! Smile