Kick-Off at last

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Kick-Off at last

Mastersleague's R.A.I.D. Vol. II has finally kicked-off with the first results coming in: AU_sims has played his first 4 matches against RTS_NAOTO and _FSF_DosEquis and managed to get all of the 12 points available from these matches. With this comfortable lead, his opponents can at least say to be over with their hardest matches and concentrate on gathering the necessary points for the qualification to K.O. Round now.

Some more info on scheduling matches and on how to obtain recs:

Apart from these good news I need to stress once more, that the scheduled times for the fixtures are not mandatory. Of course you are free to play the matches at that time. But if one player cannot make it to that date then you are asked to reschedule your matches. Please keep this in mind and do not claim a no-show victory prematurely.

The Recs:
You do not have to search the result forums in order to get the rec files: As soon as a results is being entered by the admins, the corresponding rec file is going to be attached to the game information. You can easily get the files as can be seen below:

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Re: Kick-Off at last

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ür die tolle Information! Ich würde nicht anders entdeckt haben!


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